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Motorcycle Under 2 Lakh Rupees

In the last blog, we talked about the motorcycle in 200-250 cc segments. They were basically all under 2 Lakh rupees price mark. From cruisers to naked fall under this category. Check this blog before you continue reading But there are other well-known brands which are very famous for there torquey engines. They have a bigger capacity engine to produce loads of torque but have power as compared to 200 cc motorcycles.  Yes, you have guessed it right the Royal Enfields and the Jawas. Both of them have a retro style look which has a great fan following in India. All metal built with reliability at its peak are great cruisers in the Indian market.  Still Jawa has a more powerful engine with liquid-cooled technology as compared to royal Enfield's still air-cooled engines. The Jawas power output is well can be compared to 250 cc segment motorcycles. So let's find out different both the
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